17 June 2013


films you haven't seen in years is risky.  some live with such joy in memory & a new viewing reveals them to be less.

yesterday I watchd "The Last Hurrah" for the first time in a while.  I'm not a big John Ford fan (Sheila Benson rolld her eyes at me when I told her that) but I have a soft spot for this film.

welllllll   it's more treacly than I rememberd.  but despite its flaws I enjoyd it -- & mainly for its superb cast of film veterans.  in my memory the stand outs were Jane Darwell & Edward S. Brophy. & yesterday I found that judgment holds.  Darwell is a bit over the top but she still shines. & Brophy must deal with some true silliness. but there is a bit when he responds silently.  his face says so much.  it's a heartbreaking moment.

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