26 June 2013

pass the frittata

if 69 was my naughty year then 70 is fast becoming my year to be a star. first the publication of Blossoms.  then the reception to my role in the hit film "Big Joy."

before my smile gets as big as Conrad Veidt's in "The Man Who Laughs" allow me to continue the narrative of the magic weekend which found me on the stage of the Castro Theater amid the cheers of 1400 people.

so there I am in bed sat nite unable to sleep because the day's adrenalin was still dancing in my veins. don't know when I finally dozed off but I still woke early.  the "Big Joy" team had been invitd to a brunch in the Castro.  our hosts were Eric Smith & Mark Garrett who frequently open their lovely house to celebrations within our community.

one of the first things that caught my eye was this piece by Lowell Nesbitt:

having known Lowell I was quick to ask Eric abt it & he showd me that this was the template for the huge staind glass windows that Lowell had at his NYC home. Eric bought the piece -- as well as several of the windows. & indeed there in the kitchen & upstairs in the bedroom were Lowell's windows.

Eric also showd me 2 wonderful Sam Steward pieces as well as many by his friends Peter Berlin & Arthur Tress.

the spread was delicious.  & so were the conversations.  I was particularly happy to meet our film's consulting editor Bill Weber.  he's that glorious kind of gent who combines good looks & intelligence. & we were able to laugh together.

& here's another conversation: Joel Singer   Stephen Silha   Edward Guthmann   Michael Hathaway   Mark Thompson   William Stewart.

after brunch I walkd all the way to City Lights Bookstore for its 60th birthday celebration.  there were flash readings in the basement & Ferlinghetti in the offices & music in Jack Kerouac Alley.  & here in front of the store is Jack Hirschman:

from there I walkd thru Chinatown to the venerable John's Grill which has been host to such notable diners as Hitchcock & Warhol.  & then the walk back to Church & 14th for even more star treatment at the inn.


Dianne Borsenik said...

What a wonderful time(and what a wonderful blog about it)! You look so happy in the photos, Alex...congratulations!

Alex Gildzen said...

thx Dianne. & blessings on you for publishing "Blossoms."

Tom Beckett said...

Those stained glass windows are amazing. Sounds like a great trip, Alex.

Alex Gildzen said...

Tom -- my travel karma over the decades has been all over the place. but I have to say that this trip was as close to perfection as any I've ever had.