19 June 2013

Max Weatherly (1921-2005)

sometimes I go thru Alex in Movieland & pick out names of people from my past with whom I've lost touch over the years.  then I google them to see what I can find.  last nite I pickd the writer Max Weatherly & discoverd that he died several years ago.

our mutual friend Stanley Krippner introduced us at a party in the Village 2 years after the publication of his best-known novel The Mantis and the Moth.  altho we never became the closest of friends we did stay in touch over the decades.  he visitd me in Twin Lakes in the fall of 1972.  & he depositd his papers at Kent State.

in 1973 his Southern gothic novel was reissued in paperback with a new title A Crowded Loneliness.  it's been years since I've read it.

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