09 June 2013

a Tony day

just as I've given up drink I'm an awards junkie who now finds them silly.  however I do enjoy watching the Tony show because it's always been the most entertaining of the awards shows.

in preparation for tonite's event I remember back to the first play I ever saw on Broadway:

Henry James adaptd by Michael Redgrave & directd by Margaret Webster with costumes by Alvin Colt. the stars were Maurice Evans & Wendy Hiller (with Olympia Dukakis standing by for no less than 3 roles).

here's what I scribbld in my very first Playbill:

& borrowing a word from that mini-review here's my newest poem.


he'd been Hamlet & Macbeth & Prospero
Caesar & Rev. Brock & H. J. too
then there was his ape   warlock
& Rosemary's old friend Hutch

but time caught up
with the toast of Broadway
nearing 90 with dapper dampend
he took to bed in Brighton

his manager saw the flame within
& rentd young men
to lie naked beside him

gone were greasepaint & spotlight
but on that deathbed
the play of life still soard

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Bob said...

I love the newest poem.