02 June 2013

making movies

it was dec of 2006 when I askd the painter R.B. Sprague to shoot a couple of films of me reading my work. at that time he had a better camera than I did.  this was the first:

with nearly a thousand hits it's my most popular film of me reading my work.  however my Marta Beckett & Inn Exile films are in the 2000-hit range & the one shot at Hash House a Go Go in Las Vegas has over 3000. but so far there have been 70 of my little films on You Tube & I suspect the average has been abt 50 views.  so I've hardly gone viral.

for the most part the response has been positive.  but of course when you put yrself out there some people will attack. that very first film brought me one of the cruelest comments my work has ever rec'd. anonymous of course. but when you've allowd yr work to be publishd for  a half century you have to be strong because some people enjoy being nasty.

I enjoy making these little films & I suspect I'll keep on doing them. it's another way of getting the work out there. & increasingly it's preserving a world that disappears all too quickly.

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