26 May 2010


on Silliman's blog today I heard of a new magazine -- Sal Mimeo. what a great title.

& it makes me think of Niall O'Sullivan's video tribute to Todd Moore in which he sez: "there was something calld the mimeograph..." now I know he had his tongue in his cheek. or did he? there's a whole generation out there who probably has no idea what a mimeograph machine was. certainly they never got inky fingers from trying to work one. altho O'Sullivan made me smile with his line he also made me feel old.


Jim McCrary said...

I once spent an hour explaing to a group of high school kids from rural kansas what memeograph was, what typewriter was, what a stencil was...a blue stencil. the kids had no clue...it was really really funny. it was like i was telling them how to write in stone with a sharp rock. we had a good time. yikes.

AlexG said...

yes. it was another day. I even set type by hand & with a linotype machine.