13 May 2010

Carl Dixson

was one of my favorite models of the '60s. we met in Akron in spring of 1968 when he was in the chorus of "Hello Dolly" starring Dorothy Lamour.

in fall of 1971 he invitd me to the opening of a small movie he'd made. calld "School Play"   it was the work of Charles Rydell   who had appeard in a couple of off-Broadway musicals & may or may not have been a boyfriend of Andy Warhol. the film featurd underground stars Brigid Berlin & Wini Bryan. Carl's name in the credits is Oliver Kronen. I believe he told me he had to use another name for union reasons.

the film opend at Bleecker Street Cinema with Warhol in attendance along with everybody from Kenneth Koch to J. J. Mitchell. it was on a double bill with another short film   Larry Rivers' "Tits." I don't remember much of either film. I do recall that Carl had a scene running thru a field & another in which we get a glimpse of him naked.

to my surprise I just found the movie online. at just over an hour long   it's a chore to sit thru. but what a joy to see Carl again. & at the height of his beauty. over the years we lost touch. I have no idea what happend to him.

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The wonders of the internet.

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