16 May 2010

the gayest exhibition

I've ever seen at our local art musuem opend yesterday. this is the first thing you see on entering "Sole Mates: Cowboy Boots & Art" :

& it keeps getting gayer. alongside boots are ads for vintage cowboy duds as well as homoerotic art by Delmas Howe. there's a large Bill Schenck painting that appears to have an Audrey Totter movie still as its source. also an early John Fincher painting of a saddle. & this old postcard:

"Sole Mates" is a hoot.

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steve cantrell said...

i think it was great of joe traugott (the curator) to not shy away from the gay stuff. showing this side most definitely helps poke a pin the cowboy stereotype. i recall the hoopla brokeback mountain created, and that was not long ago. the gay stuff in sole mates was created some time ago. thanks for your comment on the exhibit. steve