17 May 2010

on the cutting room floor

reading abt the new documentary by Ron Pajak got me to thinking.

Pajak filmd me in Las Vegas 7 years ago for a doc he was doing on photographer Bryan Ockert. that project was never finishd. likewise the last time Richard Myers filmd me -- alongside James Broughton no less -- he didn't use that footage. (altho I do appear in 2 of Dick's earlier films.)

in 1973 David Hockney drew me in Paris. he didn't particularly like the drawings. so if they still exist they've never been publishd. in 1976 Lainard Bush videotaped me in a performance of "Crossing" which I've never seen. in 1977 Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photographd me with Lois Wilson in Beverly Hills. I've never seen whatever he did & have no idea if it survives. in 2006 Kimberly Nichols taped part of my reading at Palm Springs Art Museum but didn't know how to use the camera & got nothing.

it feels odd to know that these little shards of my life disappeard before they ever appeard.

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Bill Fogle said...

This is the kind of stuff that gives me the vapors. The fact that something perfect, something important, can be missed, overlooked, lost. That someone perfect can be lost ... to the progress of time.

Meanwhile other shit is pushed into our faces daily.