01 May 2010

"Percy & Bess"

the opening nite of the TCM Film Festival brought the latest restoration of George Cukor's "A Star is Born" to the giant screen of Grauman's Chinese Theater. & there were a pair of my favorites: character actor Percy Helton with several lines & "queen of the dress extras" Bess Flowers in one of her hundreds of quick appearances. it wasn't the only movie featuring both performers but I've never seen them bigger.

now the two are back together again. my chapbook featuring works abt them is available for a free download for 24 hours only as part of the annual Poetry Super Highway project. go here for the book.

my thx to Rick Lupert for doing this project & to Bill Berger for his cover & to Tom Beckett for originally publishing the Helton poems.

I need to offer one disclaimer. for some reason when I make a pdf of a manuscript the spacing gets changd & I don't seem to be able to return it to the original. it happend again with this book. I think you'll be able to tell where each poem begins & ends. but it is frustrating to see it less than perfect.

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