21 August 2007

Rosalind Russell Is My Aunt

of course she isn't
(rule of blood)
of course she is
(power of choice)

    *     *     *

I / we
learnd to dance
at the Rivoli

    *     *    

Betty Grable was my first poem

I askd George Nader to the prom

    *     *     *

in Hollywood
the dead don't die

an old movie
is a family reunion

    *     *     *

I don't remember
when Jim Kelly
took off his pants
for me

but Kay Francis
drops that towel

    *     *     *

"how many fricking Hollywood poems are you gonna write?"

"o shut up. James Lydon is on The Movie Channel."


Tom Beckett said...

Love this one, Alex.

Jean Vengua said...

I'm going to see Rosalind Russell in "The Women" in a couple weeks. See my latest post on Okir...