19 August 2007


in my morning mail James Robert Parish sent an article from the LA Times abt 2 new offerings highlighting the dancer. PBS will soon present a new doc & there's another bio forthcoming.

I saw Nureyev dance twice: in 1971 in Cleveland & in 1980 in NYC. at this remove in time I can't honestly appraise his skill but I do remember the thrill he creatd. there was a moment in Cleveland when we made eye contact. utterly electric.

in the community there was endless chat abt his offstage performances as well. nude photos were bootleggd. his screen portrayal of Valentino was popular for the flesh exposd rather than any thespic triumph. & this moment on "The Muppet Show" became a fave.

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cinemage books said...

cute. Besides seeing him and Fonteyn, dance twice I saw him once wlaking in central park.