12 August 2007

the boy who sd no

I didn't sleep with Tony Perkins because at that time I was with my first partner. the same thing happend with Allen Ginsberg. I was still in my 20s & totally vanilla. I'd never heard the word "polyamory" & even if I had cdn't wrap my emotions around it.

there was a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet who spent a weekend with us in Twin Lakes. I had no idea he was hitting on me so it came as a major surprise when I heard that he went back to NYC & told everybody that I was a cock tease.

I suspect my memoirs wd be more salable had I tumbld with more celebrities. of course there were bed adventures with stars. maybe some day I'll write abt some of those. but in the faraway nites of my youth it was all abt romance. & if the spark wasn't there there simply was no fire.