29 August 2007


it's been years since I walkd thru its ancient door but I still felt sad when I just read on Towleroad that the most famous gay bar in NYC has been closed.

back in my drinking days it was a favorite spot when visiting the Village. locatd at West 10th & Waverly   it was a place one's feet took you to as if on automatic pilot. for abt a 15-year span from the end of the '60s thru the beginning of the '80s I drank my share of rum there & indulgd in what I remember as the best hamburger in Manhattan. I recall watching Edward Albee cruise there & seeing Rollerena skate by. I left the place with a couple of actors who became significant stories in my history.

my favorite Julius tale was unbelievably 30 years ago. it was the big blackout. David Meredith & I were in town for a few days. when the electricity went out the Village became more attractive than ever. I recall passing tiny restaurants which somehow stayd open & were filld with candles. people were friendly & kind & open in a way I've never ever experiencd there. at Julius it was so crowd'd that people took their drinks out into the street. I was sitting on the curb in front of the bar with my rum & coke when the lights came back on. at first all the guys cheerd. then we lookd at each other & groand: our magic time was over.

it's not clear if Julius will go on. one hopes so. but as I slip into antiquity I take nothing for grantd. so many magic times are mere memories now. of course there's a scene in the film of "The Boys in the Band" which will forever preserve how the bar lookd in 1970. one day I may need to see that to bring the details back. but there will always be a spot in my memory where the name of Julius will bring a smile to this old guy.

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cinemage books said...

this is very upsetting news. Me and my best friend go there practically every sat afternoon for a few drinks and one of their yummy burgers. Where am I to go now on sats. Peter won't go to any other gay bar, he feels too uncomfortable in any but Julius's. This was the first gay bar I went to in 1967. The bar was also used in next stop greenwich village. Maybe it will reopen I hope. Very sad. And on top of that Amy Winehouse is in real bad shape. Why do I go on.