17 July 2007

time with Dad

after 34 busy hours in Kent   David drove me to Elyria. the purpose of this trip was to celebrate my father's 89th birthday. it's still more than a week away but I'm unable to be there for the actual day so we did an early party.

I made the mistake of asking Dad if he had any projects for me. welllllllllllll   a branch from the huge maple in the backyard crashd onto the roof of the greenhouse which he built as an attachment to the house years ago. sounds like easy work. it took 2 days. I'm an acrophobe. so there I was on a ladder trying to extract a sheet of broken glass which had been well-puttied for eons. & the hardest part was lifting a heavy awkward new piece of glass up the ladder & into place.

the actual celebration was a small family affair. Mom askd Julia Ally to use a garden vegetable motif for one of her famous cakes.

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