20 July 2007

h.b. T. B.

today is Tom Beckett's birthday. I can think of no better present you can give him than to purchase a copy of Unprotected Texts. altho I'm familiar with much of the work in this collection   encountering them afresh is an infusion of oxygen. Tom wd blush if I sd many of his poems make me giddy. but he's one of the funniest poets out there. & he's one of the sexiest. he gets in yr underpants & won't move out. but he's also a serious artist & a thinker who makes his readers think.

let me offer a quick quote:


used dildo.

I know. I'm lifting a few words from a long piece. but that's Beckett. the long piece is a castle made of many rooms. & this one deserves a reservation. I cd write reams abt it.

anyway Tom... I'm sorry we were unable to connect during my few hours in Kent. I love to laugh with you.

just remember yr age & don't spit on the cake when you blow out the candles.

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Tom Beckett said...

Ahh, thank you, Alex.