23 July 2007

fallen angels

Dominick Dunne informs us that Lana Clarkson & that weird music man on trial for her murder were watching "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" in the backseat of a Mercedes on the final nite of her life.

why does this tidbit tantalize me. because it's an intersection of tragic Hollywood lives. the leading lady of that film noir was Barbara Payton who went from stardom to the depths in her short life. Payton fascinates me. Clarkson less so but only because I don't know her work. I've seen some of the films in which she had bits but with no memory of her. I did come across her grave on my last visit to Hollywood Forever.

maybe only my tinseltown-soakd mind wd add to the stew Lana Turner. one presumes Clarkson was named for the MGM star who was involvd in one of the most famous Hollywood murders. Turner lost her virginity to playboy lawyer Greg Bautzer who later was engagd to Payton.

Hollywood after all is a small town.

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