12 May 2007

sun tea

yes. I've heard the warnings that it isn't good for one. shit. if all those years of rum & coke didn't kill me   do you really think I'm gonna worry abt sun tea?

this is still brewing. first of the season. & of course I have a ritual. I always brew it in an antique jar from my mother. it was made in Slough England for Horlick's Malted Milk of Racine WI. when the tea is ready I pour it into an antique green glass pitcher -- also from Mom.


Vera Charles said...

Jesus!!! What the F(^k is wrong with sun tea?!?!?

I'm lost kisses,

AlexG said...

bacteria Vera. because the temperature isn't hot enuf. but with our food sources in such danger these days it's best to not think abt where what we eat came from & how it got to us.