01 May 2007

just say no

in his comment on the last post Craig Highberger mentions the divine Eartha Kitt & her "confrontation" with another First Lady during another unpopular war.

here's something I wrote in February 03:

12 feb 03
(Poets Against the War Day)

do I do
as Shrub sez

buy a gas mask
duct tape & plastic
3 days of food

no I dance
naked while
Eartha Kitt sings
"Arabian Song"

knowing neither
she nor I
will be invitd
to this White House


DeadMule said...

Hi Alex, For some reason I couldn't leave a comment yesterday. And then today, I tried to e-mail you and that got sent back, saying you were unknown. Well, I say if you're known enough to applaud Sharon Olds for not eating with Lady Bush and to post against the Commander in Hate's war, you're real enought for me. Hope Google likes me today. LOL

BTW, I was going to say - when disallowed - that you ought to cherish your parents as long as you can.

AlexG said...

thx Helen. not sure what happend with the comments yesterday. every once in a while Blogger mystifies me. when I returnd from Ohio it wdn't allow me to post.

& yes I adore my parents & love sharing time with them. BTW my mom's name is Helen.

Sherry said...

For sure nobody's gonna get close enough to Laura to make those cross-eyes cry.

Thanks for reminding us of the duct tape. So many absurdities in the last six years, hard to keep track.

I second Helen in re parents.