03 May 2007

Betty Grable lives

I was startld to see a full page picture of my first favorite movie star in our local alternative paper. the 1950s shot of Grable was for an ad for a local women's day spa.

Grable -- calld "the girl with the million dollar legs" -- was the number one pin-up in WW2. she made her final film in 1955 & died in 1973 at the age of 57.

I still remember seeing her on stage for the first time. it was 40 years ago & she'd taken over the lead in "Hello Dolly" on Broadway. at one point she liftd her skirt to show off those famous legs & the audience went wild.

altho there have been 3 bios of the woman who was once Hollywood's top box office draw   Grable's fame isn't at the level of her replacement at 20th Century Fox -- Marilyn Monroe. but for her remaining fan base there's good news: Scarlett Johansson may play her in a biopic.


cinemage books said...

Never could stand her, but then again I love Betty Hutton. However the thought of Scarlett Johansson as Betty Grable is scary.

AlexG said...

nothing cd be scarier than Hutton in her manic moments.