15 May 2007


this photo hangs in my guest bathroom. it's a production shot from Bobby Lewis' 1959 staging of Colette's "Cheri." the hottie in bed is Horst Buchholz   the loving lady is Kim Stanley.

last nite I saw a documentary   "Horst Buchholz, My Papa." the Broadway show wasn't mentiond. neither were several of the German actor's most famous films. but it's made by his son Christopher. so there was access to the actor & his family which other filmmakers mite not have.

the saddest part of the film is footage taken shortly before his death. we see a beauty who has outlived his beauty   an actor who no longer acts &nsbp; an alcoholic who still drinks & smokes. juxtaposed against that footage are stunning moments from his youth. the bisexual actor was striking on screen.

seeing this makes me want to view his early work.

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