24 May 2007

more Snyder

he calld Rexroth "a terrible man" who once labeld Marianne Moore a fascist. Whalen in the final years was "cranky." & Neal Cassady was a non-stop talker: "I cdn't stand Neal after the first 5 hours."

there was such a mob waiting to connect with Snyder in the theater lobby after his appearance that I didn't try to talk with him. I doubt he'd remember me. we met at the Kent State library late in 1969. when he came to my house for dinner much of our conversation was abt d.a. levy. that was the basis for my asking him to write something for the levy issue of The Serif. his "The Dharma Eye of d.a. levy" became an early landmark in the appreciation of the Cleveland poet.

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cinemage books said...

How could he not remember you. You silly boy.