26 May 2007

the Duke's centennial

the only time I ever saw John Wayne he didn't look good. it was 15 months before his death & he was wearing a bad toupee. the occasion was presentation of AFI's lifetime achievement award to Henry Fonda.

I was making a beeline to Barbara Stanwyck who has always been one of my cinema goddesses. by the time I got near her someone else approachd. it was the sexy young man who appeard opposite her in one of her great early films "Baby Face." altho they were both 26 when that was made   Stanwyck already seemd older.

I didn't get close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation but even from a distance it was evident that there was affection between the two stars. as soon as Wayne left I introducd myself to Stanwyck.

& so today is Wayne's 100th birthday & in abt 7 weeks I'll celebrate Stanwyck's centennial.

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