31 May 2006

a little easy

I'm not a fisherman so I never knew that halibut had cheeks. but there it was on the menu last nite: halibut cheeks. so I had to order it. & it was good.

Rita & Phil & I went to LeMoyne's Landing. this is one of those New Orleans restaurants which relocatd. so we wantd to give it a try. & it gets a mixd review. my cheeky dinner was superb but Rita's fried shrimp a disappointment. the lemon meringue pie was tasty but the creole chocolate cake dry as my backyard.

I'll return but not sure Rita ever will.


Tom Beckett said...

Not to be impertinent, but exactly which cheeks are we speaking of on the halibutt?

Alex Gildzen said...

a fish
has a face

these cheeks
come from there

knichols said...

dying to know what halibut cheeks taste like

Alex Gildzen said...

surprise: they taste like halibut. except lighter & a tad sweeter.