10 May 2006

what Tru left in Santa Fe

as a former rare book librarian I'm endlessly fascinatd by tales of literary papers. the only Henry James work that ever appeald to me was The Aspern Papers. & when I wore the librarian's cap I was always on the chase for papers.

in his diary in the current Vanity Fair Dominick Dunne tells a new story. the friend of a friend of his inheritd a house here. it turns out that exactly 30 summers ago Truman Capote rentd that house with his then boyfriend. however they had a spat & Capote boltd. while cleaning out the house the woman who inheritd it found a cache of Capote letters & manuscripts on a closet shelf. what will become of them has yet to be determind.


Alex Gildzen said...

if this appears it's the 11th. this is the third day in a row that Blogger has been down in the morning. I'll keep trying to post.

Regality said...

Will she keep, sell, donate? Will be interesting to follow this story. What would YOU do?

Alex Gildzen said...

if I were still at Kent State I don't think I'd do anything. however if I were doing that job in Santa Fe I'd try to acquire them because the writing was done here.