12 May 2006

regal menus

Regality puts me to shame with his menus. so when I returnd from the gym I felt like creating a superior lunch.

I put olive oil in a pan with some hot pepper & oregano. next came chunks of garlic & onion. I took the knife to a tomato & some mushrooms & a broccoli stalk. these were thrown into the sizzling pan. next came organic fusili followd by lumps of feta. finally a whisper of balsamic vinegar made at a farm outside Truth or Consequences.

I devourd this delightful mix outside. on the blue swing.


Regality said...

Yum! Hmmm....I wonder....I have everything except the special brand of balsamic and the tomato which I refuse to buy. I only eat fresh tomatoes when they are in season in my garden. Oops! no fusili. Guess I'll have to sub another something.

Alex Gildzen said...

Aceto Balsamico di Monticello doesn't seem to be available online. the makers of it age it in Italian barrels. I bought it from them at a farmers market in T or C.