02 May 2006

black borders

I suspect I got it from Mother. the first thing she does of a morning -- even before coffee -- is to spread open the newspaper to the obituary page. in my case it's the online obit pages of the Times of both NY & LA.

today I read of the death of Heinz Poll. altho I never got to know him or his partner Tom Skelton   they were around. & I did know one of his dancers David Bondio. & reading of his passing brought back memories of Ohio's dance world of 2 decades ago. I remember going to Ohio Ballet productions with visitors such as Coburn Britton & William Como.

then there was the Kent dance scene with Connie May & Genie Schoettler & Michael Milligan. who cd ever forget Michael's brash solo on pointe? future Broadway star Alice Ripley took her turn in one university dance recital. & then there were all those boys in tights: Paul Ludick   Timothy Green   David Shearrow.

nothing like a death to grease the memory machine.

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mark young said...

many years ago I worked with somebody in their 70s who also read the obituaries & death notices first thing. But in his case it was to check to see if he was still alive.