07 May 2006

words amid ashes

I haven't seen "The Glass Slipper" since my initial viewing exactly 51 years ago. at that time I was totally taken by Leslie Caron & saw her in everything. I vaguely recall being fascinatd by the padding in Michael Wilding's tights. but my special memory was of Estelle Winwood as the Fairy Godmother.

this morning I finally saw MGM's retelling of the Cinderella story again. & Winwood remains magical. she was the consummate example of that certain type of classically-traind British stage actress. but she always put her own eccentric spin on her roles. perhaps part of my adoration of her in this part was her character's fondness for words. among those she found joy in repeating were windowsill & elbow.

so it was an enchanting morning   remembering the boy who liked to go to the movies & was beginning to find happiness in wordplay.

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