30 May 2006

the perils of everyday life

on my walk home from the gym just now a bug flew into my mouth. luckily I was able to spit it out. but I kept imagining where that insect mite have been.


Moi said...

I have been having so much fun with this post... it got my mind spinning, imagining mite as a buggy noun and its verb gramatically incorrect. (It is a pleasure to have a few minutes of insane brain processing, as it helps me forget the 5,000 things I need to do in the next 11 days).


richard lopez said...

imagine the horror from the bug's perspective! gently minding his/her/it's own business then whamo! he/she/it is probably telling his friends and family right now, yeah, i nearly died. it was warm, wet and dark in there.

AlexG said...

o Richard -- how lovely. I never thot of that. guess I'm just a selfish old thing.