08 March 2015


Mike Busam writes abt "Matchless" -- & so much more -- on his blog

I've been writing & doing my odd little pieces for the last half century.  most of it goes unnoticed. I can hold the reviews my books have rec'd in one hand. & a few of those few were not kind. I know….. none of us do it for fame.  but we don't create just for ourselves either.  & when I read what Mike has written I'm overtaken with emotion. there's someone out there who knows what the dimes were abt. what the matchbooks are abt.

well I don't want to blather on.  so I'll just thank Mike.  & I'll add a sprinkle of synchronicity.  he mentions Tom Beckett.  I recently sent Tom the romertopf that Nancy & Paul Metcalf gave me as a house gift during one of their visits.  I no longer remember which visit -- but it may have been the one in 1978. & on that visit Paul went off on his own for a reading somewhere & Nancy stayd with me. & dear friends took us to the REA Express in Quaker Square.  I'm too old now to remember any exact conversation but I can be honest in saying it was wonderful. & that I took that matchbook as we left.

so Mike as you take yr library on the road with that matchbook you're not just taking me. but I dont have to tell you that.  you know Mike.  you know.


Bob said...

And he mentions your blog - which for years I have said is a work unto itself and should continue.

Tom Beckett said...

It really is a lovely post. And he quoted your Buddy Guy poem which is a poem that I wish I had written!

richard lopez said...

i whole heartedly agree. a very lovely post. and a proof of something i've long thought that real friendships are found, created and nurtured thru these pixels.