28 March 2015

hiding in plain sight #2

the other nite I was channelchasing & came upon Bill Raymond gueststarring on "Miami Vice." in 1985 I appeard in the Mabou Mines production of "Cold Harbor" on campus. Bill was the lead. during that time I had a party for Bill & the others who came from NY (including Ruth Maleczech & Dale Worsley). here's Bill in my kitchen on Morris.

the thing I see this time is the matchbook collection in the glass jar on the fridge. this was exactly 30 years before my piece "Matchless."  that jar is on the floor near me as I type with some of those same matchbooks in it.  others of those matchbooks are now scatterd across the country.

& on the fridge is the postcard of myself with James Broughton in "Jungle Girl." on the walls in the background are posters by Robert Schultz & James Rosenquist.

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