14 March 2015

after dreaming

of doing a duet with Judy Garland I was full of some old memories.

this painting hangs in my guest bathroom.  it's one of my oldest art purchases. 1966. & instead of cash I traded artist Don Walker a scarce Nina Simone album I had.

Walker was a character. my first memory of him was one of G. Harry Wright's spring theater trips. we got on the train in downtown Kent & traveled to I believe Hoboken. then took the ferry across to Manhattan where we stayd at the Picadilly Hotel.  I still recall Walker flouncing around the train station.  he was a large man. & he was doing some sort of routine in which he spoke French.  something abt a handbag -- "sac" in French. for the time he was pretty outrageous.

later I got to know him thru friends in the school of art.  I believe he was a few years older than me. if memory serves he appears in Dick Myers' 1965 film "Coronation."  I think he's the priest who puts the crown on Terry Corley's head.

as so often happens I lost touch with him. again if memory serves he taught art in the Akron school system. I don't remember if he still made art. but soon I will have had this piece for a half century.

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