28 March 2015

another surprise

& so one more respite from plowing thru files. this certainly was enuf to stop me.

in the fall of 2003 Joel Singer photographd me in his NYC studio. I was excited. I'd be joining the likes of Mark Morris & Jonas Mekas in his portrait gallery.

a couple of weeks later I got an envelope from Joel. I rippd it open in anticipation of seeing his portraits. this is what greetd me. 

after the shock I was hurt. I cdn't believe that this was how my friend saw me.  I must've eventually recoverd enuf to write him because tuckd in the envelope is a printout of an e-mail response. Joel wrote: "sorry to have alarmed you with the first image. it was meant as a Halloween mask and certainly not as a 'serious' portrait."

I filed that away & haven't seen this image again until today. it continues to disturb me. so now it goes into the next Kent box just waiting to frighten whoever one day comes across it.

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