14 March 2015

Al Rosen (1924-2015)

those who know me know I have little interest in sports.

however when I was 12 I met Al Rosen. & since the Cleveland Indians were ubiquitous in northern Ohio I had a brief affair with baseball.  somewhere I have a signd picture of Rosen. & a 1956 letter from him is in my papers at Kent State.

thinking back I bet my infatuation with Rosen was partially because he was a gorgeous man.

I wrote this prose poem in his honor. it first appeard in the baseball issue of Io in 1971. & that same year it was one of the prose poems that Steven Saylor turnd into glamorous broadsides for our portfolio The Origin of Oregano.


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cinemage books said...

I looked him up, for sure a hubba hubba.