29 March 2015

hiding in plain sight #3

Kevin McCarthy came to my house in Twin Lakes one fine day in 1976 to make use of the swimming pool.  while there he took some photographs. & they turnd out to be the best photographs I now have of that property.

this one has me in the living room:

but as I've begun doing at this stage of my life I'm reading the photograph not so much for me but for what's around me. & there in the background is the Anuszkiewicz seriagraph which looks down at me as I type & near it Berrocal's "Mini-David" which is on top of the shelves on the other side of this room. there's the antique doll's head from France which Mom bought me when I took her to Manhattan so many years ago. I still adore that piece.

there too is the old gumball machine my parents gave me for Xmas of 1972.  it's currently in my kitchen. I see a Judy Collins album & my Rockwell Kent edition of Moby Dick -- both of which are in my great room.

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