18 January 2014

thinking of Terence Stamp

who didn't fall in love with him when he burst onto the screen as Billy Budd?

& then there were others films with important directors. quite the career.

I first saw Stamp at a screening in Hollywood more than 30 years after he played the Melville character.

I took this picture of him that nite:

but my short story in which he stars happend in the fall of 1998. I was staying at one of the cottages at Chateau Marmont. early one morning I slippd into my little speedo & walkd the few steps to the famous egg-shaped pool. there was only one person there. I lowerd myself in & left plenty of room for my companion. after our initial nods we kept to ourselves. but it didn't take long for me to realize I was swimming with the actor I'll always remember as Billy Budd.  

I don't recall how long it was before Stamp got out. I tried not to watch as he went over to a lounge chair on which he had a towel & some other items. then to my surprise he slippd off his trunks & showd off every angle of his body while toweling dry. he nodded again & was off.

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