14 January 2014

Suellen Sweany Adams (1941-2014)

we met at Kent State over 50 years ago.  she was a dorm buddy of my dear friend Cynthia. Suellen was an explosion of blondeness & exuberance. she & her boyfriend Tim were probably the sexiest couple on campus. when I took a photography class she happily posed for me & this remains my favorite photo of her:

as so often happens we lost touch over the years.  but I was so happy that when I went to Seattle in 2007 I got to see Suellen again. she'd been thru some rough times but remaind positive. she was eager to show me her city & was so generous with her time & energy.  this is the only picture I have with her.  I regret her eyes are closed here because she was the kind of person who faced everything with eyes open & bright.  but since it is our only photo I post it anyway.

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