25 January 2014


we've all read that the young are abandoning this method of communication. if that's what they want to do then let them. but as someone they probably consider "elderly" I must declare that for me it's become a vital link to staying in touch.

as often as not FB is where I learn of deaths. not just the famous but also of people from my personal past. it's a place which has become a forum for my fellow writers & artists to share our work & news of our careers. it was on FB that I discoverd that someone was breaking up because his partner cheatd on him. & it's on FB that I read the grim details of a friend fighting cancer with courage & humor.

I continue to unearth people from my past at the same time that I connect with new friends. I'm one who never felt comfortable with telephones.  I simply don't know what people talk abt for hours as they drive & shop. but I value written communication.  I was a world class letter writer in those long ago days when people used what we now call snail mail.  I no longer write long letters but I toss off tidbits via e-mails or on FB with ease & often even joy. & as I age this becomes important. it wd be so easy to become a recluse. face to face seems to happen less. I value my interaction with my 2 dear neighbors & those guys with whom I hike. even the people with whom I exchange a few words at the gym. without all of them I cd become an old man shuffling from room to room talking to myself. but add to these "in person" connections all those with whom I interact online & I have a rich life indeed.

the reason I'm committing this ramble to words is what happend last nite.  I met Randy Gener once.  we didn't even interact that much. but after becoming friends on FB I've been reading his posts for a few years.  he -- like others I don't know well in actuality -- became a real person. I think I have something like 700 FB friends. I've never had 700 friends in my life. & not all of these commit themselves equally to revealing parts of their lives. but for that core who do I feel a real kinship. I look forward to posts. so after learning of the savage attack on Randy I wrote abt it & went to bed. but thinking abt it made sleep impossible & I'm sure contributed to the bad dreams that woke me at 4.

I don't care if the Justin Beiber generation is dropping FB. but for all those with whom I use it to communicate -- don't you dare. let's continue to share what we think important. o sure every once in a while I wince when some folks impart a bit too much abt their relationships. & sometimes I wonder if even I can tolerate another cute cat picture. but considering it all FB has become part of the fabric of my life. many more people read & digest what I offer there than on this blog (which is why I'll immediately link this entry on my page).

so -- my 700 plus friends -- thank you for being part of my life. stay with me. keep enriching me.

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