30 January 2014

George Sacco (1935-2014)

I met potter George Sacco & his wife   painter Mary Ann Begland in 1966.  they became one of the couples who investd in buying a huge printing press. & I featured their work in an issue of Toucan.

from the beginning I gravitatd to Mary Ann & continue to be her friend.  George cd be gravely.  I remember my partner & I going to Akron with the couple to see onetime child star Bobby Breen at a nite club.  the idea was mine because I was a film nut. all I remember abt that far away evening was George grumbling.  when he was unhappy he let everyone know. 

eventually the couple had 2 wonderful sons   but split up.  Mary Ann moved away & I rarely saw George.  when our paths crossd we never did more than say hi.

but I still have some pieces of his around the house. I bought that blue vase from him in 1967 for $15.  the glass piece may be unusual because I don't recall him doing that much glass work.  & the little guy is one of his kiln gods.


Alex Gildzen said...

& in the back of a cupboard I found a blue bowl I'd forgotten. I guess George liked blue.

rebeccameloni said...

I took pottery at Kent State from George--I bought 2 pieces of glass in 1968 before he moved west-I never saw a cobalt piece but have a dark brown and a light blue. I just washed all of my art and antique glass (the window washers are coming Monday)I took 29 pieces down from the giant mantle and only 19 are going back in place-only antique cobalt mostly my Grandmother's.
He was a character-we had fun in that hot summer-especially making raku!
Retired architect-Rebecca Meloni