05 January 2014

the Poni-Tails

the death of Phil Everly promptd Tom Mahl to write abt an event from our longagohood.  he remembers when the Everly Brothers played an assembly at Elyria Catholic High School in 1957.

I was at Elyria High School so wasn't there.  in fact I never heard the brothers live altho I did see them in a casino on my first visit to Las Vegas in 1969.  but what struck me was his mention that they shared the stage with the Poni-Tails.

& this caught my attention because this Ohio girl group performd at my senior prom in may of 1961. here I am that nite with Martha Braun:

memory is a funny thing.  I no longer recall the actual performance by the Poni-Tails at my prom but I do remember the performance at the senior prom the year before. that year the guest stars were the Tracey Twins.  Dad & I met them at the Elyria turnpike exit & directed them to EHS.  & once there a problem arose with the accompanist.  so I had to run home to get my 45s which they then playd & sang along to.

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