11 May 2013

where are you Mary Lou?

how the mind works.  what part memory plays in its working.  the older I get the more that fascinates me.

after posting that picture in front of Eastern Heights I began remembering those years.  I've written often abt Miss Radachy because she was so important to my development. & Miss Hackett the librarian. but I also remember the attractive Miss Hyman & an art teacher who liked opera.

then my peers. Ann Cantwell & Gary Fleming & Denise Gainer & Ed Buttle & Jane Gottfried & Bill Cooper & Barb Horwitz.  how often some of their faces have been in my dreams.  but then there are names which suddenly crop up for seemingly no reason.  like Mary Lou Konkel.  when I creatd & wrote the "8-4 News" she was my typist. but her face has faded & I have no idea what became of her.

some days tiny bits of my past surface.  sometimes the revelation staggers.  other times I question if that was ever real.

(the only picture I have of myself with Miss Radachy)

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