20 May 2013

Palm Springs film noir festival

this may be my favorite festival because it's intimate & easy.  it's one weekend every spring.  in the same theater. only 12 films projectd by true professionals on a huge screen with attentive audiences. & participants are able to interact with the celebrities brought in.

this past weekend the 2013 edition of the festival allowd me to thank some performers I've admired for years.

James Lydon was the screen's Henry Aldrich who also gave Elizabeth Taylor her first screen kiss. but I was able to talk with him abt his short-lived sitcom "So This is Hollywood." I've written many times how this series formd my vision of what Hollywood was. so it was a thrill to thank him for his part in that.

I told Clu Gulager how much I admire his performance in "The Killers."

altho I mentiond several of his films to Stuart Whitman I faild to add that when we were both younger I felt he was one of the hottest men on the screen.


cinemage books said...

both whitman and gallager were two of my teen trobs. will have to do a why they matter on them, didn't know that whitman was still with us.

richard lopez said...

great pics, alex. lovely to see whitman who is something of a hero of mine too as he starred in so many wonderful exploitation driv-in movies. i remember buying the movie THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER because whitman's name was on the box. when i popped the disc into the tray and watched the movie -- which is one of the worst movies ever made, makes the work of ed wood look like orson welles -- whitman was no where onscreen. drat!