14 May 2013

centennial of Kent State University Libraries

the first library opend a hundred years ago today in Merrill Hall.  when I was a student that's where I took journalism classes.  later my friend Julia Waida had her office there.

when I came to Kent the library was on the corner of front campus (& that's where Julia's office was then).  here I am in that building (which now houses the KSU Museum) with Gary Snyder:

Snyder & I were looking at letters of his in Special Collections.  that department of the library was begun by Dean Keller who later hired me to be his assistant.  I love this early picture of us together:

Special Collections is now on the top floor of what I think is still the tallest building in Portage County.  here I am in my wonderful office there with James Broughton:

& here are my parents in the reading room for the opening of the exhibition of Mom's autograph collection:


Alex Gildzen said...

lovely bit of synchronicity on this anniversary day: a letter from Dean

MjB said...

I enjoyed this post a lot, Alex. There's a lot of great work in the KSU collections. You must have a number of great stories from your career there. Take care.