03 May 2013

Virginia Gibson (1928-2013)

I've written often abt the '50s sitcom "So This is Hollywood" & its role in my love affair with that town.

this morning James Robert Parish informd me that one of the stars of the series died on my birthday. Virginia Gibson had been in the chorus of the Broadway musical "Billion Dollar Baby" which starred Mitzi Green. a decade later the pair were co-stars of "So This is Hollywood" which lastd only 24 episodes which remains eternal in my gray matter.

Gibson did a handful of movie musicals as well.  her most enduring role was in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."


cinemage books said...

I seem to remember her being on your hit parade for a while in the early mid 50's

Alex Gildzen said...

yes. she was on YHP in 1957 & 1958.