29 January 2013

Victor Mature (1913-1999)

on his centennial I try to figure out what I think of Mature.  as a kid I knew him from his popular costumers "The Robe" & "The Egyptian."  later I discoverd his work in noir.  he famously claimd not to be an actor & at the end of his career was happy to spoof himself.

I suspect today he's best rememberd as a reliable leading man to some of the screen's great beauties. & strangely as Hollywood's King of Bondage. from Samson to Zarak his characters were bound & floggd.

& of course for me he's also memorable for having appeard opposite Percy & Bess.


cinemage books said...

I love his eyes, and he is really terrific in kiss of death, my darling clementine and I wake up screaming, there is a nude photo of him that circulated in the 1970's do you know it?

Alex Gildzen said...

I've seen the nude photo. continue to have mixd feelings abt him.