27 January 2013

on the bus

last nite I watchd a couple of episodes of the western series "Lawman." seeing young Peter Brown brought to mind a publicity gimmick Warner Brothers did in 1959.  the studio was premiering their film "The Young Philadelphians" in -- of course -- Philadelphia. but to drum up interest they sent a Greyhound bus across country. it was full of the studio's up & comers.

Brown was there with the first of his many wives -- Diane Jergens. also on the bus: Connie Stevens / Ty Hardin / Will Hutchins / Alan Hale Jr. / Arlene Howell / Troy Donahue / Jacqueline Beer / Roger Smith / Louis Quinn.

when the bus pulld up in front of a hotel in Cleveland I was there.  I had the actors sign my copy of Daniel Blum's A Pictorial History of the Talkies.


cinemage books said...

how wonderful

cinemage books said...

I don't recall posting this comment. did you post these photos a while back, maybe that explains it.

Alex Gildzen said...

you left that comment in 2013 when I originally
postd this