11 January 2013

frottage of past & present

amazes & amuses me.

the other nite I saw the documentary "Searching for Sugar Man."  it's a film full of surprises. but for this film buff there was an unexpectd one:  suddenly an appearance by Steve Rowland.  he was being interviewd as a music producer.  but those my age may recall he startd his show biz career as an actor.  since my boyhood I've had a cache of movie star photos.  one of them is of the young & striking Rowland.  his father Roy Rowland was a director of note ("Beast of 5000 Fingers"). so he was a true son of Hollywood.  some may remember his famous double date with James Dean.

as it seems to happen so often less than 24 hours after seeing what he looks like today TCM ran Don Siegel's "Crime in the Streets."  & there was the young Rowland playing a member of the same gang as John Cassavetes & Sal Mineo.

I've lookd in several files & piles but have yet to uncover that photo I've had of him all these decades.

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