25 January 2013

Elyria on film

in the summer of 1958 my hometown celebratd its 125th anniversary with all manner of events from a pageant presentd on the high school football field to a big parade in which a dress of Mary Todd Lincoln's was worn. a short film was made of those events & it was shown in one of our trio of movie theaters.  decades later I spoke on the phone with the man who ownd one of the theaters & askd if he knew if the film still existd.  he had no idea.  how I'd love to see it.

when I was visiting my folks in the fall of 2007 I saw film crews setting up on Ely Park.  later I learnd that small film was calld "And the Winner is..." but I've never seen it.

however I just saw the 2011 feature "Take Shelter" which was filmd in & around Elyria.  I recognizd Jamie's Flea Market because Dad used to set up a table there on weekends & sell stuff.  he liked to pick up broken machines at garage sales & fix them & sell them at Jamie's.  & of course  I recognizd Elyria Public Library where I spent a good deal of time going thru microfilm of the local newspaper to support my memory while writing Alex in Movieland.

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