10 January 2013

remembering Provincetown

last nite I was googling some of the names that crop up in Alex in Movieland. years ago when I was involvd in the Costume Society of America Beth Dunlap had a dinner at her Chicago apartment for the regional officers. hers was one of the names I lookd up.  she was the widow of architect William Dunlap.  they had 2 sons.  one is David W. Dunlap who writes abt architecture for the NY Times.  because of this search I discoverd his wonderful blog abt the history of Provincetown.

I got out my photo albums & made scans of some pix to send to him. but then the flood of memories began.

my first trip to the tip of the Cape was in sept of 1966.  this is the only photo I have from that visit:

even photoshop won't turn it into a good photo but in its antiquity I find charm as well as nostalgia.  on that initial visit I bought a Mexican serape.  here it is with the original snapshot & sandals I had custom made on another visit.  with them is the original printing of my 1982 poem "The Cats of Provincetown."

my last visit was in 1998.  I pickd some flowers then which in the next year became part of my piece "The Last Valentine of the 20th Century."

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Bob said...

Love those sandals.