08 January 2013

"Sunday Bloody Sunday"

I still remember the very first time I saw this film.  it was on 20 feb 1972.  the only reason I know the exact date is that I wrote this under that date in The Year Book :  

we go to the Kent Theater on Main St.
watch Peter Finch kiss Murray Head

yes. a male/male kiss was quite shocking in that day.  in fact the whole film was bold in its depiction of the complexities of love. & it also gave us a line I've heard repeatd endlessly over the years: "here come those tired old tits again."

I haven't seen this film in more than a quarter century. but Ira Joel Haber kindly sent me a DVD of this title.  altho it seems quite the historical document it still works on an emotional level. & I'd completely forgotten that it was the film debut of a boy by the name of Daniel Day-Lewis. but don't blink: he has but 2 seconds of screen time.

here I am with its director John Schlesinger in the summer of 1996.  I remember us discussing Bessie Love.  she was the silent screen star who is so memorable as the answering service lady.

it's good to look again at films we've respectd.  often time isn't kind to them. but when they measure up to our memory it can be such a joy.

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Bob said...

It amazes me that you can remember what you were doing on certain days in the 70s. I'm positive I have no idea what I did yesterday.